Friday, July 19, 2019

Microsoft ID Open Redirect

Recently I submitted a Microsoft Bug Bounty report for an Open Redirect vulnerability in their Identity product. I found it by searching for keywords in intercepted traffic in Burpsuite like "redirect", "dest", "url", etc. The finding was rejected by their security team, and I have approval to post about it here. I can understand why this might be considered an acceptable risk; it happens during logout, so no credentials can automatically be passed onto an attack server in this way. It would definitely require social engineering effort to exploit it. I tried out setoolkit to spoof the sign-in page and redirect them there (by spoofing the page URL that ends with prompt=sign-in and not none or select_account, so that both username and password can be collected, otherwise it auto-populates the username). (However, there are already protections against changing a similar parameter for their sign-in process, so I'm not sure why that functionality wouldn’t be extended to sign-out as well...)

Edit the URL to redirect to ATTACKSERVER/signinGET.html, where the spoof page is located:

User logs in:

Page sends credentials as parameters:

Attacker can view credentials:

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